upward SPORTS

Upward registration is now complete. Please email: [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Upward Guidelines

2021 Basketball and Cheer Season

Springboro/Waynesville League

Springboro Baptist Church (SBC)

First Baptist Waynesville (FBW)

CrossView Christian Church (CCC)

The guidelines, procedures, and restrictions below are all based on the presumption that we will have enough participants and coaches to move forward with a season.  Please read this thoroughly and carefully prior to making a decision about registering your children for this Upward season.  Upon completion, please follow the instructions at the bottom of these guidelines.

Divisions/Grade levels:

As is always the case for any season, we need all families to be prepared to have practices and games at any of our partner sites (see list above).  This is especially true for this season as we may need to have games at a location that typically hasn’t hosted a particular division in past years.   We also cannot promise what the divisions will be until registration concludes.  We can say with near certainty that our 4th through 6th grade girls will play in the Southwest Ohio Upward League.  Please go to: www.southwestohioupwardleague.com to familiarize yourself.  This involves traveling to away games in the West Chester/Fairfield area.  In this league, there are varying amounts of playing time and an end-of-season tournament. 

Probable divisions (but not definite):

  • Kindergarten co-ed
  • 1st/2nd grade boys
  • 1st through 3rd grade girls
  • 3rd/4th grade boys
  • 5th/6th grade boys
  • 4th through 6th grade girls (see above)
  • We have a 7th and 8th grade division, and this is a separate registration online.


Registration is online only, and in order for us to hold your child’s spot on a team, you must either pay online by credit card or mail/drop off a check or cash within 1 week to Springboro Baptist Church c/o Barb Farley 125 E. Mill Street, Springboro, OH  45066.  If we have not received your payment within 1 week, we cannot promise your child’s spot will be held.  

Please see paragraph below regarding uniform sizing.


We will only be evaluating new basketball players to our program. This will be done by appointment only, and you will receive an email from Barb with a schedule of times from which to choose.  Sample uniforms will be available at the evaluation.

We will use last year’s score for returning players, but we will adjust it in order to account for being in the next higher grade.  Please use last year’s uniform sizes to decide what sizes you want this year, and you can mark that on your child’s form online.  If you did not keep the uniform, please email: [email protected] to request that information.  We understand that this method of evaluation scores does not allow us to see if a player has improved significantly from last season.  This also means we cannot promise that teams will be as balanced as we have tried to make them in past years.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

For new cheer participants, you will receive an email from Barb regarding times when sample cheer uniforms will be available. 


Once a uniform has been worn (including tags removed, etc.) it cannot be returned to Upward.  Please note that even if a circumstance were to occur in which the season had to be cancelled at any time during the season, there would not be any refunds as the vast majority of registration fees goes toward the uniform boxes each participant receives.  This is an important factor to consider when making your decision for your child to participate.  


Your team will have 2 practices prior to their first game. They will be once a week on either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday beginning the week of January 4th.   Practices are 1 hour, once a week throughout the entire season.

1 adult may bring their child to practice, and please only bring a sibling if absolutely necessary.  At Springboro Baptist, there will be chairs spread out in the lobby area where you can wait if you prefer not to leave during your child’s practice.  We are working on socially distanced seating at our other practice site(s).  Please stay distanced from other parents during this time.  The mask mandate will be in place (similar to policy during games).

Hand sanitizer will be available at every gym.

Players will spread out for the team’s devotion time at each practice, and they will need to wear their masks.

Players should each bring a water bottle that is clearly labeled with his/her name.

Basketballs will be provided for practices. However, a player may bring his/her own ball for individual drills, but please know that a common ball will be used for scrimmages and any group drills, so each player will be touching other basketballs throughout practice.


Friday night games are a possibility for every grade level and division.

We will have a 7 game schedule this season with games beginning Friday, January 15th and Saturday, January 16th and ending Saturday, February 27th.  Teams play 1 game per weekend.

Spectator attendance:  Masks will be required as long as the state mandate is in place. 1 adult per player may be in attendance.  If it is absolutely necessary to have a sibling(s) attend, you may do so, but please make an effort to make other arrangements for siblings whenever possible.  Please note that if a parent is a coach, referee, or scorekeeper, this is in addition to the 1 adult allowed as a spectator.   Please stay socially distanced from spectators in other households as much as that particular gym allows.

If the guidelines on masks and spectator attendance/seating capacity are altered at any point during our season, we will adjust accordingly.

Players are to wear masks when not in the game, and coaches are to wear them whenever possible and reasonable (this will be discussed at their coach training meeting).  There will be a plan in place for a clean place for each player to store their mask when not in use.

Covid questions and thermometers:  Covid-related questions and temperature-taking will be a part of this season.  Those specifics are still being decided upon.  It will be communicated again prior to the 1st practice and 1st game day.

Disinfecting procedures:  2 basketballs per game will be used.  The 2nd ball will be accessed at halftime so that a clean ball is used for the second half while the first ball is disinfected and prepared for the following game.  Disposable wristbands will be used for all players.  All chairs will be sprayed with disinfectant between games.  Game times will be scheduled further apart to allow for the recommended time for the spray to dry prior to the next usage.

No post-game team meetings:   Unlike past seasons, the players will leave with their families immediately following the game.  At the next practice, the coach will talk about the game and hand out game stars to each player.

Team and Individual Pictures:  to be determined

End-of-season Celebration:  to be determined

Please know that we need to keep these guidelines fluid as we approach the season.  Any changes will be communicated with our families to the best of our abilities.

After you have read this, please email:  [email protected]ringborobaptist.org and indicate that you agree to these guidelines. You may then proceed with online registration at:  www.upward.org. Click “Find a Place to Play” and navigate to Springboro Baptist Church or First Baptist Waynesville (same league).