WHere kids are wanted, loved, known, and grown

God has set up the family to be the foundational unit of society, and He has given parents everything they need to be spiritual leaders of their family! But we know that we could all use some help sometimes. Our goal is to partner with parents in raising spiritually mature leaders who learn to love Jesus with all of their life. Family can be messy, but we're in it together!


10:00 am

Our babies and pre-schoolers will experience God's love through the care and interaction with our trained and background-checked volunteers. They will begin to engage with Jesus through stories, crafts, fun activities, and small group activities. 

Contact Barb Farley for more information about WeeKidZone.

1st-5th grade

10:00 AM

Where kids are Wanted, Loved, Known, and Grown. Kids will learn what it means to know and love Jesus through live teaching, high-energy worship songs, fun videos, and impactful small group discussions! 

Throughout the school year we are excited to host a variety of family nights, special events, camps, and other activities. Check out our events page to see if there's anything coming up!

Want to know more? Reach out to Sheri Conerty.