I'm glad that you've taken the time to visit our website. If you don't go any further than this message then I want you to know that Springboro Baptist exists to help you discover who God is and what He can do with your life. He already knows all about you; now He wants you to get to know Him on a personal basis. If you live in our area, or are in the process of relocating to the Miami Valley, let us help you on your journey to get to know God better. At Springboro Baptist you won't find perfect people, but you will find people who are learning that Christianity is a way of life and that a relationship with Jesus Christ can be enjoyed every day of the week -- not just on Sundays.

Cornelious Hancock - Senior Pastor

Save the Date

Save the date for Upward Basketball and Cheer Camps at SBC: July 28 to 31, 2014.


Following a reading plan is a great way to make the Bible part of your daily life.  YouVersion has hundreds of different plans, with options for customization and support to help you stay on track.  See what God reveals to you when you spend time in Scripture each day.

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